From the idea and the collaboration of an expert sound engineer and a skilled wood designer, was born the project called "Lambda portable case".

We create our houses one by one, thus creating unique pieces, combining the skill of the master craftsman with the precision of machining using CNC numerical control pantograph, and then wiring and testing everything from electronic technical experts.
The design is unique and constantly evolving, our design department is constantly looking for new prospects to adapt to everyone's tastes. It is also possible to customize each case with the combination of shape and color that most pleases, as well as the possibility of inserting personalized incisions on the upper compartment.


• Foldable, comfortable to carry when closed thanks to the practical handle, it opens with one hand and is ready to play the connected modules.

• Built entirely of beech wood, to ensure durability and charm, given the now established wood-music combination.

• Standard eurorack for modular synth

• Consisting of three rows of 84hp wide

• Power supply Mean Well

• 3 bus board with 20 connections each

• Module housing depth 80 mm.

• Practical anti-slip rubber feet on the base


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